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I can’t believe we are approaching another holiday season! As a pediatric physical therapist and gross motor specialist, I often get asked for gift recommendations...which is why I’ve created a FREE 2023 Holiday Gift Guide!

Over a decade of experience as a pediatric physical therapist and being a mother to a now 5-year-old have shaped how I utilize toys in treatment sessions and at home. I have carefully selected my favorite toys with the intention of longevity and the ultimate goal of promoting ongoing development of gross motor skills. You will find each section builds on the previous and prepares your child for the next minor and major milestones. Most of the recommended items I have either used with my son or utilize in my therapy stash. Gross motor development is on a continuum, which is why the guide is grouped by AGE and MILESTONE.

If you love the items listed and choose to purchase a gift from this guide, I would appreciate your support as I do earn a small commission on most of the links provided.

If you want to encourage gross motor development in your own child, a friend’s child or a relative, then this should make your Christmas shopping much simpler.

Happy Holidays! And Happy Shopping!

As a mom and a pediatric physical therapist, I am here to help! It is my goal to set kiddos and parents up for gross motor success. Stay tuned as I publish more blog posts with gross motor tips and tricks  

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