Hi! My name is Dr. Amie PT, DPT, pediatric physical therapist and most client’s call me “Mrs. Amie”. I have enjoyed helping little ones succeed and reach their gross motor development goals over the last decade. I have worn many hats in the therapy world, including mom of a child in therapies and a private practice owner at Milestones at Play, LLC, and my absolute favorite role is providing education to parents and encouraging little ones to become their unique self through purposeful play.

“Baby containers” and infant seats are a hot topic in the pediatric world! And I am here to share one “baby container” that I absolutely love and highly recommend to all of my families, the Upseat.

Keep reading for 7 reasons why I LOVE the Upseat:

1. It encourages sitting upright with its ergonomic design, unlike ANY other! The seat angle is higher in the back than it is in the front, just like a wedge. When I work on improving sitting balance in a little one, the first place we start is a wedge! It engages the lower abdominals and facilitates a beautiful relationship between the pelvis and trunk – setting up your little one for success. The Upseat is perfect!

2. Healthy hips! The Upseat provides plenty of space for those chunky legs to move AND facilitates optimal positioning and congruency of the femoral head with the acetabulum with its wide leg positioning. It is the only infant seat of its kind!

3. The high back for provides added stability and encourages improved posture. Did you know that an upright posture allows for free arm movement? If your little one has a rounded back and forward shoulders, their ability to reach out and above is limited. When I am facilitating a child with my hands during sitting my goal is to gain an anterior pelvic tilt and an upright trunk; the Upseat does exactly that! The Upseat is a place for your child to sit AND play without limitations

4. The Upseat is light weight and portable. You can easy move around the house AND take on outings. We all know parents need a moment to take a break and sometimes littles ones just want to play independently. The Upseat is a safe place for a child 4 months-2 years of age to play; my favorite is placing suction cup toys on the tray – your little one will stay engaged, I promise!

5. It provides a great space for focusing on fine motor and/or feeding activities. Your little one will be fully supported in an optimal posture, allowing them to focus on additional task and setting them up for more than just gross motor success. My occupational and speech therapist friends completely agree!

6. It is versatile! The Upseat can be used with or without tray or as a booster seat. The stabilization straps are included. And because you can easily take it on outings, I highly recommend using the Upseat when you visit relatives or even go to your favorite local restaurant. The positioning is superior to any high chair, booster seat, or travel high chair.

7. And last but not least, the Upseat is truly Pediatric Physical Therapist AND Mom approved!

And don't forget to check out their booster seat for the older kiddos! Head over to the Upseat website and use MILESTONE10 for $10 off your purchase! I hope you love your Upseat just as much as I do! 

*For transparency, I do receive a small commission on each purchase with the link and code above. This does not impact my support for the product and all views are my own. 




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